Dear travellers, I am sure that some of you may have troubles on how to bring back your shells from your shelling trips without damage ! Well, my method is not the only one but I have never damaged my shells.

Even if some shells (like Cowries, Oliva shells,...) are strong enough to travel without damage, I use the same method for all families.

Steps are :

- Use toilet paper to wrap your shell
      - Cone Shells : protect the lip first
- Use tape to finish wraping
- Use plastic zip bag (smell)
- Use plactic box
- Use plastic zip bag again (smell) [optionnal]

Let's take an example with CONE SHELLS. Lips are often broken by collectors during travels.



Use toilet paper to protect the lip of your shell (CONE SHELLS)


Use toilet paper to wrap the shell



Finish the wrapping step with tape



Use a plastic zip bag to avoid bad smell



Use a tupperware or any strong enough plastic container (icecream box,...) to protect the wrapped shells
[ If you brang with you different sized zip bags, then you can place your tupperware inside to avoid smell at all ]