This Website was born from the meeting of two collectors in 1997, Roger and I (Touitou David). Mr Rault (who passed away now) was a great collector of over 70 years old and I was under 30 at the moment. We became in a few weeks very close and in 1999 the final website Seashell-Collector was launched. At that time it was one of the first of its category and fortunately many have been launched since this period. is not a commercial website though. It have been created by collectors for collectors. Its goal is to share the maximum of our knowledge to the others and is growing with your help.


As it's never been just a homepage, it needs your help to improve its content. Many of you have already contributed to this huge task.


Some by sending shell pictures, some by writing articles and many others by their membership to our forums. I would like to thank all the collectors who helped us improving this website.

I would like to thank also some of our main active members, especially Mr Paul Monfils and more recently Dave R. for his time spent answering posts on our forums since many years now.


And also all the regular contributors :

Serge Rolland, J.-A. Detterer, Fabien Goutal, Laurent Kbaier, Shea O'Neill, Doug Brennan, Guillaume Millot, Michel Balleton, Ronnie Watt, Lyle Therriault, Cecilia F. Morett, Charlotte Lloyd, Felix Lorenz, Anthony, Kevin Whittington, Le Béon Roger, Clovel Pierre, Mathe Bruno, Pleuvret David, Hayes Brian, Livett Bruce, Conjeaud Bruno, Mauro Doneddu, Kovalis Moti, Wong Hoong Wei, Eng, Benito José Muñoz Sánchez, Carlos Afonso, Begaud Pierre, Mark Chan, Eric Le Court de Billot, Alan Kohn, John K. Tucker,...  I hope I do not forget anyone....