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** 2 Days at Sanibel island (Florida) : Extreme Low Tide - Published : Apr 11, 2015

Last december 2014 we had the chance to visit Florida (USA). This was a real great family trip. We spend 14 days there after an easy trip from France. Of course we visited Orlando famous parks : Universal Studios (2parks) and Disney Magic Kingdom. With 2 children of 7 and 11 we enoyed a lot Universal Studios parks compared to Disney Magic Kingdom (more crowded and old attractions, not that much spectacular). We also visited Evergaldes National Park : So nice with a very interesting Aligator Farm and it's so nice boat tour :) We s


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** Conus textile variation from Tuamotu - Published : Sep 20, 2006

onus textile f. verriculum is restricted theorically to the Indian Ocean and is usually found in Madagascar and Mauritius (see the pictures below). Recently, Mr Balleton and myself were able to collect a local variation of Conus textile from the Tuamotu Atolls. We went to Hao and Fakarava Atolls, and both Atolls had this variation (see the pictures below). We named it f. "pseudoverriculum" for our personnal data and for fun (no more


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** Where are the Tahitian seashells hiding ? - Published : Jan 14, 2004

I decided to write this article, due to my anger over the disappearance of our seashells... A strange phenomenon must have happened here, but which one ? Of course, everywhere around the world, in any place, shells are less abundant than before. When I first came here in August 2002, I could find regular species, even if the locals and the local collectors said that shells were now not so easy to find. It seems that 2003 was fine too, then 2004, was the year of the real disparition of our seashells...


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24 august 2015 : TCC N°27 have been uploaded today and you'll find a seashell-collector author's article : Conus regius From Martinque: A Magnificent and Very Variable Species

09 july 2015 : New article have been published in the ARTICLES/XENOPHORA folder : It have been published in the last french journal XENOPHORA (july). Hope you'll enjoy ! DAVID

15 April 2015 : Update : Links, Shell Related Websites. A lot of websites are down. They have been deleted from the list. Internet is always moving fast and most of websites are not updated very quickly. Very rare are the websites that survive... Seashell-Collector was one of the first website about shelling... and we are still there !!! 18 years of information !!!!!!!!!!! :)

14 April 2015 : Iconography Conidae French Polynesia : Updated : Deep Water Species added from Tarasoc Mission

13 April 2015 : Iconography Conidae French Polynesia : Updated : Conus conco added & Conus generalis new image

11 April 2015 : A new article is published : 2 Days at Sanibel island (Florida) : Extreme Low Tide

03 February 2015 : A new pdf have been uploaded : Conus pennaceus from Seychelles article published in XENOPHORA N°149

03 January 2015 : !!! Happy New Year 2015 !!! Seashell-Collector was at SANIBEL for christmas !! Awesom Low Tide and what a nice island !

03 december 2014 : New TCC N°26 have been published

27 november 2014 : Forum spamming problems seem to blocked now, registering and reseting password shall work properly.

21 october 2014 : !!! IMPORTANT !!! Databases are actually closed in order to upload and test the new version (worldwide collectors, live seashells,...).

20 october 2014 : A new pdf have been uploaded : Conus legatus article published in XENOPHORA N°148

10 october 2014 : We still have a lot of spammers trying to log in our forum and everyday this blocks our mail account. Tou may not received the confirmation mail. Please contact us.

16 september 2014 : Everything works now perfectly with the forum, even registering and password request. DAVID

12 september 2014 : One may now register at again, except that you need to contact me in order to receive your password.

11 September 2014 : IMPOSSIBLE TO REGISTER ON OUR FORUM actually !!

Dear users, We have applied the last update to our forum (MyBB regular update) and this causes a problem while users want to register our forum. Usually you cannot and the forum tells you that you IP adress is detecting as a spamming one.

If you need to register, please contact me at and I will create your account manually.

Happy Shelling, DAVID

08 September 2014 : New article have been added from Michel Balleton from Tahiti :

29 August 2014 :  Forum adress is definitively and is working, if you have trouble reaching it please wait a few days or flush your temp DNS (that keeps the old DNS-adress). DAVID

29 August 2014 : Forum adress is changing from to, the forum could be temporarly unreachable though. DAVID

28 August 2014 : Forum is online and everything works

28 August 2014 : Forum is online but one cannot login. We have spoted the trouble and are repairing it at the moment. Within the 24 hours the bug shall be fixed. DAVID

22 August 2014 : the website & forum are now fully operational again. DAVID

22 August 2014 : the website & forum are actually 50% unreachable as we changed main adress in server and all shall be ok during the day. Most links are not active yet. DAVID

05 July 2014 : two pdf articles published in the french XENOPHORA journal have been added : Conus gubernator f. leehmani (N°147) & VENOMICS 2013 : Expédition scientifique en Polynésie (N°144) :

27 June 2014 : TCC25 have been published, you may read it there :  ;2 articles from have been published in this newsletter.

22 May 2014 : We have published with JANINE JACQUES the new version of Cone Shells from Martinique & Guadeloupe

23 April 2014 : I have finished the review of my old article from 2002 about Seychelles Cowries. You may check it in the ICONOGRAPHY menu.

14 April 2014 : Actually TCC 24A have been released with our 2 corrected articles on Mauritius & Mayotte. In the next TCC 25 another 2 articles will be published. One about Seychelles cone shells and our last one about Martinique & Guadeloupe cone shells. It will be an exclusive article. Then when TCC25 is released, I will also publish it at, in TCC 26 will be published the last one about French Polynesian cone shells. DAVID

19 March 2014 : Laurent have corrected the World Wide Collectors display bug and the system is working fine actually.

18 March 2014 : We have restored the databases (World Wide Collectors & Live Seashells). I have deleted over 200 spammers. Anyway, this database is out of date as you probably noticed. We keep all our efforts on the new one. DAVID

17 March 2014 : We have repaired the links to SEASHELL LIVE DATABASE and WORLDWIDE COLLECTORS DATABASE. These are still hosted on our old server. We are actually working on the next generation of users' pages which will allow a lot more features that the first one. Though you may still access to the old version. DAVID

11 March 2014 : Our New Iconography (Caribbean Cone shells) will be online this month. I am working also on 3 projects : Seychelles Cowries (actually under revision), Mauritius Cowries (not started yet) and New Caledonian Cone shells (not started yet). DAVID

08 March 2014 : We have finished the transfert of the website to OVH servers. I am going to update again the website. I had to wait the end of the transfer. We had to add a domain name in order to proceed to the new system, that is why the forum have the adress : instead of the older one. We may change it later, the forum is working fine though. David Touitou

27 janaury 2014 : Dealers' list and other links have been splited

14 janaury 2014 : The third version of Polynesian CONIDAE have been published in ICONOGRAPHY folder.

09 janaury 2014 : The third version of Polynesian CONIDAE is about to be published.

01 january 2014 : HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014 and Happy Shelling !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

26 december 2013 : I have updated the ICONOGRAPHY of CONIDAE-POLYNESIA with more than 40 images of live shells, thanks to MICHEL BALLETON

24 december 2013 : MERRY CHRISTMAS !!!!!!!!! Hope shelling will be in all mind with the upcoming year !!!! Actually we are still working on the CONIDAE from Martinique & Guadeloupe (Caribbean) which is very difficult. Hope ti be able to make soon the revision of Polynesian TEREBRIDAE. And welcome to our 2 historical sponsors : CONCHOLOGY & SHELLSPASSION.

06 december 2013 : I am actually working on the revision of the CONIDAE from Martinique & Guadeloupe (Caribbean). The first work was really out of date... 2005 !

19 november 2013 : I have finished the revision of the CONIDAE from Seychelles. I updated the iconography with bigger images. I tried to fit with the scale of shells to show properly the big ones and very small ones.

11 november 2013 : With the help of Eric Le Court de Billot, we started the Iconography of CONIDAE from Mauritius Island (Indian Ocean)

06 november 2013 : With the help of Norbert Verneau and Matthias Deuus, we have published our work on CONIDAE from Mayotte (INDIAN OCEAN)

24 october 2013 : Michel Balleton & I, have finished the revision  of the Polynesian Conidae. We started the job in 2004 with a first checklist. We now have all image for all species and added new descriptions of course. It is there

17 october 2013 : I am actually working on 3 projets : Updating our 2004 work on French Polynesian Conidae Checklist with the help of Michel Balleton. We are actually working with Norbert Verneau on the iconography of Mayotte (Indian Ocean) Cone shells and I am abour starting a similar project (Conidae checklist) with someone from Mauritius (Indian ocean).

13 october 2013 : As several of you asked me the creation date of website... We created this website in 1997 ! As you can notice, rare are the websites (from all kind of hobbies) that still exist from that period. I have seen hundreds of shell related websites that have been created and deleted... that is the main problem with internet. Things never go on for a long period. I just used a programm to check broken links. I had to delete hundreds of links to external pages !!
Remember that Seashell-Collector was one of the first shell related website to be launched ! Were less than 10 website in 1997 !! Incredible ! Time have passed and many more have been launched. But will they remain for years ? who knows....

11 october 2013 : I have changed the banner, I hope you will appreciate this big banner showing a diver (me) face to a nice Cypraea Luria lurida lurida from France !

10 october 2013 : 2 articles have been corrected (image link errors) : Bistolisda Complex 2005 & Cribarula complex 2005; Beginners/identification updated and corrected (image link errors); Wallpapers error link corrrected

10 october 2013 : added links to several offline articles published in xenophora&TCC, waiting 2 pdf files from xenophora that will be uploaded soon concerning : Voyage aux Seychelles & VENOMICS 2013 : Expédition scientifique en Polynésie

10 october 2013 : Sum up of genral articles have been corrected, display bug in the list.

09 october 2013 : A new article have been added : It sum up our last VENOMIC Trip to French polynesia last april (2013). Language is french but you may read it in english on the TCC n°23 (miscellaneous/The Cone collector menu)

08 october 2013 : The TCC (The Cone Collector newsletter) is ready for download in the miscellaneous/The Cone collector menu

07 october 2013 : We are experiencing a big late in the progress of development of the new version of the website, so I am going to update this one with a lot of new articles soon and update it very regulary. Happy Shelling, DAVID

23 may 2013 : Dear members, we had to change the forum as the old one was hacked too often. We of course kept all messages and accounts, but it could ask you a new password.


** Bring back shells from trips - Published : Sep 17, 2012

Dear travellers, I am sure that some of you may have troubles on how to bring back your shells from your shelling trips without damage ! Well, my method is not the only one but I have never damaged my shells. Even if some shells (like Cowries, Oliva shells,...) are strong enough to travel without damage, I use the same method for all families. Steps are : - Use toilet paper to wrap your shell - Cone Shells : protect the lip first - Use tape to finish wraping - Use plastic zip bag (smell)- Use plactic box - Use plastic zip bag again (smell) [optionnal]



** Conidae from Mayotte - Published : Oct 09, 2013

Rarity : VC (Very Common) C (common) UC (Uncommon) R (Rare) VR (Very Rare) E (Exceptionnal)Depth : IT (Intertidal 0-5m) SW (Shallow water 5-10m) MDW (Moderately Deep water 10-30m) DW (Deep Water 30m-60m)VDW (Very Deep Water 60-100m) DR (Dredged >100m) F(Only found in Fishes stomach)Size : average adult size, in mm (millimeters)Habitat : L(Lagoon) R(Reef) LP(Lagoon Pinnacles) OL(Outer Slope) S(Shore reef)Areas : SANDY-LIVE CORAL-CORAL DEBRIS-ROCKY-WEEDY-MUDDY-HARD REEF