Conidae From French Polynesia
 By David Touitou & Michel Balleton 2004
               Full Revision : October 2013 (David Touitou & Michel Balleton)
               Last update : March 2018


Rarity Classification


Classement personnel de la rareté (*) :
Très commum - Commum - Peu Commum - Assez rare - Rare - Très rare
(*) = La rareté indiquée correspond aux années avant 2003-2004


Personnal rarity classification (*) :
Very common- Commom - Uncommon - Moderately Rare- Rare - Very rare
(*) = the rarity indicated refers to years before 2003-2004

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 The thumbs below do not fit to the real scale of the shells as some
would be too small or to big if we respect sizes in %


A. Deep Water species from Marquesas

Conus dieteri
Conus hivanus 
Conus pepeiu
 Conus tiki
 Conus troendlei

Images copyright : MNHN (Paris, France), MUSORSTOM 9 Mission, 1997
Conus pseudoimperialis have been also found in the Marquesas live by divers in 25-35m and is not restricted to deep water.

Conus tiki have been also trawled in the Tuamotu archipelago (TARASOC mission)

B. Deep Water species (Tarava Mount, Society, Tuamotu)

Conus aphrodite
Conus baileyi
Conus cakobani
 Conus chiangi
 Conus darkini
 Conus dusavelli
Conus finjiensis
Conus lani
Conus orbignyi
 Conus richardsae
 C. ochroleuceus
 Conus tirardi
Conus paumotu
Conus aito
Conus tarava
Conus tiki 

Images copyright : MNHN (Paris, France) ; TARASOC mission 2009 (Published : Xenophora Taxonomy N°5 October 2014)
Some other species trawled we already listed below in main iconography : Conus vappereaui, Conus luteus, Conus boutetorum



C. Main Iconography

(M): Marquesas color variation or Endemics
(PE): image from (website down)
(SP): image from
(TUA) : Tuamotu color variation or Endemics
(CS) : image from
(PM) : image from Parrick Marti
(P&B) : image from Edward Petuch & David P. Berchauer
(CR) : image from Christophe Roux


C. arenatus
C. auricomus
C. easoni (M)(P&B)
C. easoni (M)(P&B)
C. easoni (M)(P&B)
C. easoni (M)(P&B) C. ebraeus C. eburneus C. eldredi (TUA/CR) C. eldredi (TUA/CR) C. eldredi (TUA/CR)
C. mcbridei
C. retifer (TUA)
C. retifer (TUA)
C. retifer (TUA)
C. retifer (TUA)
C. retifer (TUA) 
C. retifer (TUA) 
C. retifer (TUA)
C. retifer (TUA)
C. tessulatus
 C. textile (TUA)
 C. textile (TUA)  C. textile (TUA)
C. textilinus (SP-M)
C. vexillum
 C. vitulinus  C. vitulinus
C. vappereaui